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West Kalimantan (KALBAR)

The thick haze was still covering Sanggau and Pontianak with the visibility of
50 meters, so since 19 October 1997 the Supadio Airport was closed.
In some areas, such as Kedawang in Kabupaten (regency of)
Ketapang and Sungai Melayu the fire extended due to the strong wind blew
from the east. On 24 October 1997 Pontianak was cloudly, the smoke
emerged during 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and then disappeared to come again at
around 200 meters. The worst area is Ketapang with the visibility of
less than 50 meters.

According to Pastur (Priest) Amir, the Bishop of Sintang, in the area of
Kayangan Hulu, Kecamatan Sungai Melawi some people suffer from food
crisis. There are 5 household who depend on other local community's help
to avoid starvation. This condition can be continuing to January 1998.
The Priest did not mention about what kind of help that is actually

Central Kalimantan (KALTENG)

Up to the writting of this report, the smoke still covered Palangkaraya
with visibility of 200 meters. The worst conditions was at around
Kecamatan Kahayan Hulu with the visibility of 100 meters. In this area
the fire spreaded and destroyed (some) community's fruit, rubber and
rattan plantation. It destroyed the durian and cempedak (a kind of
fruit) that supposed to be harvested at the end of November.

The people try to extinguich the rampaging fire but it hardly worked,
since fire sreaded fast. The people's health also worsen. The victims of
ISPA increase with 50 person added to the previous number. People also
suffer from smarting eyes. At the=is time nobody can stand outside their
houses for more the one hour.

South Kalimantan (KALSEL)

The smoke come and go regulary at a certain time. It was thick in the
morning to 10.00 WIT (local time), then it thinnened and disappeared
gradually, to come again at 17.00 WIT and remainded there during the
nigth. On 26 October 1997 was cloudy with thin smoke covered the whole
observed area (Benua Lima And Kota Baru); the visibility was around 800
meters. On the peat area in Banjar regency, thick smoke emerget
everyday, especially in the morning with the visibility of less than 20
meters. The smoke covering Benua Lima was thought to come from Central

East Kalimantan (KALTIM)

Since 21 October 1997 the condition was very bad, the particulates of
the smoke exceeded the limit sill (Ambang Batas). The visibility at the
east side of Samarinda and along the Mahakam River was less than 50
meters, while in Samarinda it was 100 meters (up to yesterday).

It rained in Samarinda on 25 October 1997 in the morning reducting the
smoke, yet it was still hazy. During for days (to yesterday) there were
154 flights canceled.


Jambi and the surrounding was still covered by thick smoke, the
visibility was around 15 -- 20 meters in the morning and 5 -- 10 in the
afternoon to night time. The new fire happened on the plantation in
Kulit Manis, Sarko Regency destroyed 300 -- 350 hectares of the area.
Due to the thick hazardous smoke the schools let the pupils to stay

At this time the people in Tanjung Jabung Regency greatly need clean
water, mask and medicine since the area was still surrounded by many
hotspots. Some village in Sarko Regency suffer from food shortage.


In Indragiri Hulu and Hilir the smoke was scattering and there were 2 --
3 hotspots. Visibility was around 75 -- 150 meters. The worst area was
Bagan Siapi-api, Air Molek and Bangkinang. This area is a peat moss
area, and the visibility was 75 meters. The 40 victims of ISPA were
added to the previous number.

West Sumatera (SUMBAR)

Since 21 October 1997 smoke covered this area, the visibility was about
400 -- 600 meters. The worst area was Bukittinggi, Payakumbuh, Limapuluh
Kota, Solok, Padang Panjang and Sawah Lunto with the visibility of 300
-- 400 meters. The smoke was penetrating and caused smarting eyes. It
did not rain during the whole week and smoke thickened gradually in
afternoon to evening.

The people put on their masks again, especially in the worst area. No
death reported. Some letters were sent by people in Muara Labo (2
letters), Lunang village in Pesisir Selatan and Muara Paneh who has been
suffering clean water shortage. People buy water from PU and PDAM for Rp
100/ltr; They need 25 liters (1 jerry can) per day for bathing.

On 26 October 1997, thick smoke came again, even worse than before. At
this time the worst area was Padang, Payakumbuh, Bukittinggi, Sawahlunto
Sijunjung, Solok, Padang Pariaman, a part of Limapuluh Kota area, a part
of Agam and Tanah Datar. The visibility in the morning and afternoon was
200 -- 400 meters.

Today, 26 October 1997 the worst condition still hit Solok area due to
the fire which started on Saturday (18 October 1997) in PTP Nusantara VI
plantation and the community plantation of some 890 hectares. The
visibility was 100 --200 meters. the air was getting hotter, the sun was
not visible, and surrounding this area was dark at day time.

The concentration of dust increase to 41 times from normal, namely 0,26
mg/m3. The concentration of dust in some areas: in Padang, Bukittinggi,
Sawahlunto,  was 9 mg/m3. CO level in Padang and Pariaman was 20 ppm,
Padang Panjang 19 ppm, Solok regency 16 ppm, Bukittinggi 15 ppm, Kodya
Sawahlunto 14 ppm, Solok 12 ppm, and Payakumbuh 11 ppm. The level of SO2
(normal: 0,10 ppm) in Solok and Sawah Lunto was 2,070 ppm and 2,050 ppm
and the other lower area such as Agam was 0,025 ppm, while NOX in Padang
Panjang was around 0,060 ppm (normal limit: 0,005 ppm).


Up to 26 October 1997, victims of ISPA reaced 32.188 people (206 are in
Kalbar, 70 in Kalteng, 21.112 in Padang, and 10.800 in Jambi), while the
victims suffered from Asthma 1.150 in Jambi; fainted 372 victims (172 in
Padang and 200 in Riau); and there are 23 death (10 victims in Jambi, 3
victims in Kalteng, and 7 in Kalbar). Therefore the numbers of the
victims suffering from diseases area 29.733 (?). The data was collected
through investigation hospitals; and the community health centers. It is
estimated that number of victims was far higher than it is reported,
since there are a lot of victims who can not have treatment in the
hospitals or the community health center.


On 21 October 1997 at Ketapang, some peoples claiming themselves as from
WALHI sold T-shirt to local people for Rp 15.000,-/ piece. The writing
of "PEDULI LINGKUNGAN HIDUP" was seen on the back part, and "YAYASAN
LINGKUNGAN HIDUP" marked front part of the T-shirt. Some activists from
Poskobar Kalbar have checked the happening. They found that those people
offered the T-shirts to the Bishop of Ketapang who then asked them to go
to PSE (Economy Center) of Ketapang. The PSE of Ketapang bought 30
T-sihirts, but those people insisted to sell 100. According to
information given by the source of TRIO KEADILAN, those who fake-WALHI
had produced 3000 T-shirts. To anticipate the matter, Poskobar WALHI
Kalbar, in cooperation with National Board of WALHI Kalbar had published
press release, but the newspapers did not carry the story. Then WALHI
Kalbar disseminated the information to the people reminding them to be
careful and alert, while preparing for further action.

Some security apparatus intimidated local people and associates of
Posko's activists to prevent them following or participating in the
activition conducted by Poskobar WALHI Kalteng and there was rumour says
that those activists will be arrested.

It is suspected that the medicines distributed in Lintau-Lubuk Jantan
was traded. Two people had to pay for the medicines in the health
center. At this time WALHI has drawn the medicines from this community
health center.


According to the assesment by Poskobar WALHI, the total area of Forest
fire in Indonesia which burnt since April 1997 - September 1997 is
1.714.000 hectares. These area consist of 578.000 hectares of Production
forest, 45.000 hectares of Conservation area, 789.000 hectares of
Plantation area, 260 hectares of Peat Lan Project (PLG) of one million
hectares, 30.000 hectares of Transmigration land clearing and 3.000
hectares of Community Field.


During 1 October -- 26 October 1997 Poskobar WALHI in Jakarta has sent
151.500 masks to Poskobar WALHI in the region . Of those, 142.250 units
were distributed to Kalimantan (Kalbar, Kalsel, Kalteng and Kaltim),
13.000 units to Jambi, 6.000 units to Sumbar and 250 units to Garut,
West Java. WALHI has distributed 417.234 tablets and 300 bottles of
medicines as well. The medicines distributed are respiratory medicines,
eye-drop, cough syrup, and high-dose Vitamin C.


Up to 26 Octobe 1997 some donors sent their contributions through
Poskobar WALHI. The fund was used to buy masks, medicines and to pay the
operational expenses and also for shipment fees.

The total amount of fund collected during 29 September -- 26 October
1997 reached Rp 126.563.500,- Some of those were used to buy masks and
medicines. Some Rp 28.000.000,- were sent to Poskobar WALHI in provinces
to pay the expenses of masks distribution and dissemination of
information. The total amount of fund used was Rp 94.628.000,- Up to 26
October 1997 Poskobar WALHI has surplus of some Rp 30.935.500,- and it
will be used to buy masks to fulfil the demand of 30.000 units which are
still greatly needed in Kalimantan, Sumbar, and Jambi. It also will be
used to pay the operational axpenses (shipment, distribution and
dissemination of information). On 23 October 1997 Poskobar WALHI
recieved medicines contributed by Indonesian Student Association
(Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Indonesia) in Germany. Those 7.067 units of
medicines to be distributed to all of Poskobar WALHI in provinces.